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  • Pioniers in hydro-carbon formulations

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Today industries are challenged to meet the evermore stringent guidelines of performance, sustainability and chemically allowed substances. 

The longer-term availability and reliability of supply of the base materials  are absolutely crucial, even more in case of a formulation patent -

At Usocore, we  market products which are durable, innovative and efficient and fit within the package of environmentally  long-term safe use.

Packaging industry product solutions

The purest wax products for agriculture, wineries

Automotive market : high performance products used in machining, metalcutting applications

Finishing in nanometre scale

Excipients determine the stability of the medicine

Match between safety & efficiency


High-grade, environmentally safe products. Excellent service and driven by innovation.

A broad range of (petro)chemical and biochemical products: from white oils to microcristalline waxes, from coolants to industrial lubricants, ...

About us

Usocore, your innovative partner in (petro & bio)chemical solutions 

We ensure to delivery to  your specifications from our product portfolio, such as the purest microwaxes, the finest white mineral oil formulations, climat-neutral metalcutting fluids, stable stearic acids, ....

Because our customer focus means that we at Usocore make it our business to know and understand your needs

By keeping track of trends, we give our customers an edge in responding to constantly evolving markets

"Sustainability is an integral part of our company strategy and a constant business driver for new solutions"

Michael Kurpershoek, CEO Usocore group